Premium Switchable Glass - Instant Privacy with Frosted-to-Clear Electronic Dimming Technology


Premium Switchable Glass - Instant Privacy with Frosted-to-Clear Electronic Dimming Technology

Switchable  Glass: Instant Switch from Clear to Frost.



Product Description


Switchable glass is a type of glass that allows users to control the opacity. It can switch from transparent to an opaque frosted appearance with a simple command, which can be triggered by various means such as an electric switch, remote control, or smartphone app. This provides privacy on demand while also letting in natural light when needed. It's used in windows, doors, and partitions.

Product Description
Technical Principle 
In the natural state, the liquid crystal molecules inside it are arranged randomly, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than that of the polymer outside, and the incident light scatters in the polymer and is milky white, that is, opaque.After electrification, the droplets in the dispersed liquid crystal polymer are rearranged, and the liquid crystal changes from disorder to directional order, so that the refractive index of the liquid crystal is the same as that of the polymer, and the incident light can completely pass through, forming a transparent state.


Q: What is switchable glass?

A: Switchable glass is a glass that can change from transparent to opaque on demand, providing privacy without losing natural light.
Q: How does switchable glass work?
A: It works by applying an electrical current to a special layer inside the glass, which rearranges particles and changes from clear to frosted.
Q: Is switchable glass energy efficient?
A: Yes, it can be more energy-efficient than traditional glass by reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing insulation.
Q: Can switchable glass be used outdoors?
A: Absolutely. It's designed to withstand outdoor conditions and can be used in exterior applications like windows and skylights.
Q: How do you clean switchable glass?
A: It can be cleaned just like regular glass, with standard glass cleaning solutions and a soft cloth.
Q: Is it possible to install switchable glass in existing windows?
A: Yes, it is often possible to retrofit existing windows with switchable glass, depending on the frame and structure.
Q: How long does switchable glass last?
A: With proper installation and maintenance, switchable glass can have a comparable lifespan to conventional glass.
Q: What are the privacy options with switchable glass?
A: It provides complete privacy when opaque and full visibility when clear, allowing for versatility in various settings.
Q: Are there color options for switchable glass?
A: Typically, switchable glass is available in a clear to frosted state, but tinted versions may be available on special request.
Q: How quickly does switchable glass change states?
A: It typically changes from clear to frosted in less than a second.

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