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Introduction Conductive films are thin layers of material that exhibit the property of electrical conductivity. These films have found their applications in a variety of industries due to their unique ability to combine light transmission with electrical conductivity. This rep
Introduction The global market for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Films has shown considerable growth and is poised to continue this upward trajectory in the foreseeable future. This report provides a thorough analysis, highlighting the types, including General Type and Adhesive Type, a
Executive Summary: Touch foil technology is a thin layer that can detect touch input on a variety of surfaces. This innovative technology turns non-interactive surfaces into interactive touchscreens. This report provides an overview of how touch foil works, its applications, ben
Switchable PDLC Glass, a variant of laminated glass with PDLC film, alternates between transparency when electrical power is applied and a frosted opaque state when not, potentially serving as a rear projection screen. For those without pre-installed Switchable PDLC Glass, the tr