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Projection Capacitive Touch Foil, also known as PCAP Touch Foil, is a transparent and flexible touch-sensitive film that can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass or acrylic, to transform them into interactive touchscreens. It is a popular touch technology used in applica
The rapid development of China's economy has boosted the great development of packaging industry. At present, it has established a considerable production scale and become an important part of the manufacturing field in China. In the future, China's packaging industry wil
After several years of rapid development, the total scale of China's packaging industry has ranked among the world's packaging powers. China has become the world's largest packaging market with the fastest development, the largest scale and the most potential. In 2021
In the future, with the development of China's economy, the development momentum of China's packaging industry will continue to maintain stable growth. It is estimated that the market size of China's packaging industry will reach 19.2 trillion yuan in 2022, up 13.7 pe